“THE WAND”- Our Best Kept Secret

We understand that many of our patients come to us feeling extremely anxious. This anxiety is mostly due to the fear of pain from an injection that delivers dental anaesthetic to numb the patient. Everyone fears pain. Perhaps their experience with other dentists hasn’t been very pleasant in the past.…

7 Common Dental Myths -Tooth or Fiction?

Quite often what we hear is NOT true but we still tend to believe! Often, it becomes so hard to discern from what is fact and what is not. Like everything else, dental advice can be a chock-full of wrong information. Here are a few common dental myths that we…

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

We all would love a pearly white smile! But why is it that our teeth can turn yellow, particularly as we age? There are two main reasons why our teeth gradually darken from white to yellow. 1) Certain types of food and drinks can stain the teeth... This is usually…

Protect Your Teeth From Stains

Change your tea and coffee habits. A glass of wine with dinner followed by a cup of tea or coffee can make tooth stains more likely... This is because the acids in wine, whether it is red or white wine, cause surface demineralisation of the tooth's enamel, thereby opening up the…

Pregnant Women and Dental Visits

It is important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy as well as throughout different life stages. Women are being encouraged to include dentists as part of the team of health professionals they consult during pregnancy. According to a new study of a 1000 pregnant women commissioned by the Australian…

All About Teeth Whitening

TEETH WHITENING IS A GREAT OPTION FOR INSTANTLY REJUVENATING THE LOOK OF YOUR SMILE!! We are all aware of the things we should and shouldn't be consuming, but we are only human, right? Most of us have some (small or large) indulgences in our lives (and why not?!). For some…

Oral Care for Seniors

Oral health is of utmost importance, especially with growing age. We are blessed with only one set of teeth and its vital for us to take care of them. Our teeth age as well and need extra care as we cross an age of 60. Most seniors are left with…

What We Eat and Dental Health

Our health is the most important thing that we need to look after. That sounds simple enough. Although, when it comes to healthy teeth, it is our diet that is the most important factor in determining our dental health. Eating is something that all of us do regularly, several times…

What Your Oral Health Routine Should Include To Prevent Gum Disease

Your smile and your mouth represent a lot more about you than you might think. Experts have linked poor oral hygiene and poor oral health to a shorter lifespan and can even be risk factors to some serious diseases. Professore Joerg Eberhard, Chair of Oral Health at the University of…

Seniors Dentist in Maroubra – Tips and Suggestions

Geriatic Dentistry (Dentistry for Seniors) is an important part of our daily routine at Gentle and caring dentistry. Seniors (Patients aged more than 65 years) form more than 20% of the Australian population and generally a higher percentile of our patients. With an improvement in health education and increase in…

Do you have a toothache? How to know when you need a filling

seniors dentist maroubra

Generally, we call the dentist when we are experiencing a toothache, but did you know you may need a filling even if you are not experiencing pain or discomfort? Teeth fillings Fillings are used to repair and protect your teeth from further damage. Generally, they are used to restore cavities…

Three Treatments for a Spring Smile Makeover

As winter finally draws to a close in Australia, many of our iconic coastal cities are beginning to shed their warm layers for bikini’s and board shorts, and replace their indoor evenings with buzzing late-night events. The mood is always a little lighter and the vibe always a little more…

Scientists finally reveal why people are scared of the dentist

Neuroscientists study brain activity during dental visits to reveal why people are actually scared of visiting the dentist. If you have a fear of visiting the dentist, you’re certainly not alone, the stats tell us that around one in five people suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Why? Many…

Why a healthy smile is more important than your kids education

If you’re a parent, there is a good chance you’ve dedicated a large portion of your life to ensuring the well-being of your kids. Most parents will invest a great deal of money, time and effort to ensure the best possible education, healthcare and enjoyment for their children throughout their…

What to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can be overwhelming and extremely painful. If you knock out or displace a tooth, or experience a chip or break, act quickly and don’t panic. Never ignore a dental emergency – if you’re in pain or are experiencing an unusual sensation you’re not used to, act immediately and…

Prevention is Always Better than Treatment

Prevention is the most effective way to maintain your oral health. The aim of preventive dentistry is to avoid the onset of decay, gum diseases, and tooth loss. Maintaining a clean and healthy mouth will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and plaque, and reduce the chances of decay. Eliminating dental…

Fall in love with your smile this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a globally celebrated holiday that provides people with an opportunity to express feelings of love, affection and friendship. Unfortunately though the holiday isn’t always well received - particularly for those who see it as a day that should only be spent with someone they love. Here at…

Are you eligible for a free check-up?

As the year comes to a close, our team at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Maroubra want to remind you that you may have a free appointment still waiting to be used. Do you have private health insurance? Health insurance is often considered an expensive but necessary part of life.…

Porcelain Veneers Vs Composite Bonding

Are you looking for a gentle dentist for you cosmetic dental treatments? Here at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in the Eastern Suburb of Maroubra, Sydney, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments for patients looking to upgrade their smile.

Are you looking for a gentle dentist for you cosmetic dental treatments? Here at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Maroubra we offer a range of cosmetic treatments for patients looking to upgrade their smile. So why do people seek out cosmetic dental treatments such as  Composite Bonding, Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers to…

How can I make my teeth look straight without orthodontics?

Here at Gentle and Caring we offer veneers and composite bonding as an alternative to braces and orthodontics for minor tooth alignment issues…

Don’t like the idea of having to walk around with orthodontics for months on end? There may be a better way for you to makeover your smile. Here at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Maroubra, we offer a plethora of cosmetic treatments designed to enhance your smile in as little…

Why your regular check-ups benefit you

bad breath, oral hygiene, emergency dentistry, periodontal disease, check-ups, scale and clean, decay, disease

Taking care of your oral health is just as important for your body as having a balanced diet Here at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Sydney, Dr Roxanne Irani and her team can’t stress enough the significance of regular check-ups and how avoiding your six-monthly check-ups can have devastating effects…

The Low Down on Single Tooth Crowns

Dental crowns, we've all heard of them, but do you really know what they are and when you may need one? A single tooth crown can help repair or replace your damaged, broken or missing tooth and is a popular restorative treatment for patients who need restorative work. To put it simply; a…

I’m in Pain – But does this constitute a Dental Emergency?

Too many people suffer from untreated dental conditions which have developed after experiencing a dental emergency that they didn’t think constituted immediate attention… So what is a dental emergency? How quickly should I consider treatment? If you don’t have the answers to these questions then this article is for you!…

Start Your Life with Good Oral Health

Did you know that a smile is one of the first features many people notice when meeting new people? Your 20s are an exciting time in your life, whether you’re on your way to finishing university, about to jet set on an endless run of travels or are getting a…

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