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Family dentists at Gentle and caring dentistry in Maroubra strongly believe in keeping your natural teeth as long as possible. However, sometimes teeth are so badly damaged or broken that tooth extraction becomes the only viable and proper solution.

Tooth extraction is recommended by our dentists generally as a last resort. We generally try to save your natural teeth as much as possible.

tooth extraction maroubra

Tooth extraction is recommended at our dental clinic in Maroubra in the following cases:

Damage or decay of natural teeth:

When natural reconstructive work such as fillings & crowns is not sustainable or possible in your decayed teeth, tooth extraction becomes the only logical option. This is required only when your natural teeth are severely damaged and cannot be repaired.

Overcrowding of your natural teeth:

Sometimes your natural teeth are too big for your mouth Or the extra teeth coming through are causing discomfort and overcrowding to your existing teeth. Our dentists may suggest tooth extraction in such cases to maintain balance and ensure that you have a proper set of teeth.

Infection elimination:

Tooth infection can occur due to a variety of reasons. A severe infection in your tooth may cause damage which is beyond repair. Tooth extraction may be required in such cases.

Wisdom tooth removal:

Wisdom tooth removal is generally suggested by our dentists when there is not enough space in your jaw for the wisdom tooth to come up. The teeth is either coming out at an improper place or causing a lot of discomfort. It may get infected as well. In such cases our dentists will suggest tooth extraction of your wisdom teeth.

Many people prefer tooth extraction as compared to root canal thinking that root canal is a painful procedure. Root canal treatment at our dental clinic is effective and reasonably painless. We have the most advanced technical equipments for root canal treatments which help cause minimal discomfort to the patients.

Tooth extraction should be considered only as a last resort. Once a tooth is removed, there is more pressure on your existing teeth due to which they start to get affected. We recommend to presever your natural teeth as long as possible but if there is no other option, our dentists perform tooth extraction procedure in a safe, effective and relatively painless manner.

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