Could a whiter smile change your life?

Written by gentle_24

February 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered what effects a whiter smile would have on your life?

Recent studies discussed in Vogue magazine say that whiter teeth could change how people perceive you… for the better!

Here at Dr Roxanne Irani’s Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Maroubra we have to agree with that the research says a whiter brighter smile will do for you… we’ve seen the evidence in our patients.

The study…

Oral-B conducted a study of 2,000 people finding that whiter teeth give you more than a glowing smile. The study revealed whiter teeth can make you look five years younger, 20% more attractive and can even help you land a job or pay rise.

The key benefit of whiter teeth is more confidence in your smile, making you more likely to smile and appear happy and welcoming, as opposed to those unhappy with their smile who often smile through pursed lips.

What made my teeth discoloured in the first place?

If you’re considering teeth whitening or are interested in its impacts, chances are you’ve also wondered why your teeth changed colours to start with.

Even if you brush twice a day and floss daily, the food and drink you consume can be causing your teeth to stain or change colour.

There are some commonly identified culprits such as tea, coffee, red wine, and strongly coloured foods that contribute to the change. Other factors can include smoking and your all round dental hygiene routine.

What if my teeth are already pretty stained, how can I fix them?

If your teeth are already stained and you are looking to brighten up your smile you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Dr Roxanne Irani’s Gentle and Caring Dentistry we offer a variety of whitening solutions for different needs. There are solutions for those who want to get in and get a bright smile in their lunch hour, those who want a take-home night time solution, those who want a dramatic difference and those just wanting a refresh.

If you’d like to enquire about what whitening treatment is best for you call 02 9349 6668 today.

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