Dental pain so bad an inmate broke out of jail!

Written by gentle_24

April 7, 2023

In early December there was a news report of a Swedish prison inmate who broke out of jail just two days before he was due to be released from prison, to visit his dentist. reported the story of the 51-year-old man who had 4 days earlier complained to prison officials about his toothache.

After inaction from the low-security prison he was held at, the man decided to break out to have it treated, and bolted from the facility wearing an electronic tag.

Despite the tag, prison staff were unable to locate him and after his dental treatment he handed himself back in to the prison.

“My entire face was completely swollen,” the man told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“In the end, I just couldn’t stand it.”

The man’s one-month sentence was increased by a day in response to his breakout, but he was quite happy on release saying, “Now I only have to pay the dentist bill.”

Have you ever had toothache that bad?

If you’ve ever had a toothache that you couldn’t escape, you may possibly understand the man’s pain. Untreated toothache and chronic toothache can be signs of much more serious trouble including gingivitis or periodontitis, decay or damage to the root of your tooth.

If you have unprovoked toothache (that isn’t due to impact or other force) it could be due to your dental hygiene. Even if your toothache is due to impact or injury it is important you visit us as soon as you can to undergo treatment. The longer you put off treatment the more you put your tooth at risk.

If you’ve got toothache, or want to simply maintain your oral hygiene book at appointment with us today.

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