Protect Your Teeth From Stains

Written by gentle_24

January 10, 2024

Change your tea and coffee habits.

A glass of wine with dinner followed by a cup of tea or coffee can make tooth stains more likely…

This is because the acids in wine, whether it is red or white wine, cause surface demineralisation of the tooth’s enamel, thereby opening up the “pores” in the enamel and creating temporary rough spots and grooves on the teeth.

This then allows the chemicals that cause staining in coffee and tea, to penetrate deeper.


Avoiding tea and coffee for a couple of hours after you have had a glass of wine.

Other things to do to help prevent the stains, are to RINSE your mouth with water or a flouride containing mouth rinse after the wine, In order to neutralise the acids and remineralise the enamel, thereby reducing dental erosion, as acid contributes to dental erosion of the teeth.

It’s important though that you do not BRUSH your teeth for at least one hour after having wine or after consuming any acid containing foods or beverages, for that matter,
As this only further contributes to the acid wear.

And when you do have a cup of tea always add milk-

Black tea does stain the teeth more than white, and this also includes herbal teas. Both are as a result of tannins in teas.

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