Fluoride Treatment

In-office fluoride treatment re-mineralises teeth and fights decay to strengthen your smile

In the 1930’s it was found that those drinking water of a higher fluoride content suffered less tooth decay, since then the Australian dental community has worked to ensure water with enhanced fluoride levels is readily available to around 90% of Australians. Further research has also discovered that regular fluoride treatment helps to maintain the long term health of adult teeth. Existing water fluoridation has helped reduce the numbers of:

  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Cavities
  • Emergency visits to the dentist

A focused fluoride treatment from Dr Roxanne Irani at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Maroubra can increase this level of protection to ensure your diet and dental hygiene habits do not place your teeth at further risk of cavities.

General Questions

How does fluoride treatment work?

Naturally occurring bacteria along with the dietary sugars you ingest work together to attack your enamel causing it and in turn your teeth to weaken.
When you book an appointment with Dr Irani for fluoride treatment, you will receive the benefits of strengthened enamel as the fluoride re-mineralises and hardens the teeth making them less prone to decay and acid attack.

How often should I have fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatment should be conducted regularly. Dr Irani recommends this is completed every 6 months along with your regular dental check-up. This treatment is used to consistently reinforce your enamel and ensure any cavities that may be starting to form are quickly treated and slowed.

If there is already fluoride in water why do I need additional treatment?

While there is already fluoride in your water and some toothpaste, the amount present is kept at a low level for safe constant consumption and takes into consideration the population as a whole rather than your individual needs. As fluoride should not be ingested in large doses the fluoride in water is kept at a level safe for infants, not the level that is best utilised for non-ingestion treatment in adults.

The use of additional fluoride treatment in adults extends the protection established by fluoridated water to provide enhanced results on a case by case basis.

Who can benefit from fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments are most commonly recommended for adults however they are also beneficial for children who have a number of cavities and are at risk of further ongoing damage. The treatment should always be carried out by a trained professional such as Dr Roxanne Irani to ensure all risks involved with the ingestion of fluoride are minimised.

You mentioned risks with fluoride, what are they?

When conducted by a professional, fluoride treatment carries with it minimal risks, however if not conducted by a trained professional, or carried out on teeth that are not yet fully developed there is a risk of developing Fluorosis. For this reason you should never try to increase your level of fluoride yourself and should instead always book an appointment with Dr Roxanne Irani at her dental practice in Maroubra.

Want a treatment done?

Your dentistry deserves to be handled gently by experienced professionals to achieve results. Book an appointment with Dr. Irani for a variety of dental treatments that will help you achieve excellent and long lasting results.

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