Root Canal Therapy

Minimal Discomfort with Root Canal Therapy at Gentle and Caring Dentistry

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy performed at Gentle and Caring Dentistry should cause minimal discomfort. Root canal treatment often carries negative connotations due to outdated methods. However, our modern approach utilizes advanced technology and adheres to strict standards, ensuring a gentle touch and significantly reducing associated pain.

General Questions

Understanding When Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

When is root canal treatment necessary? The tooth consists of three main layers: the enamel on the outside, the middle layer called dentin, and the inner layer known as the pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels that nourish the tooth root. If the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, the infection can spread down the root, potentially affecting critical mouth structures. Traditionally, this situation would lead to tooth extraction. However, at Gentle & caring dentistry we can  perform root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.

Understanding Root Canal Therapy

What does root canal therapy involve? At Gentle and Caring Dentistry, we ensure you’re fully informed about the procedure and any associated risks before beginning treatment:

    • Consultation: Our dentists discuss all aspects of the procedure and address any concerns you may have.
    • Treatment Initiation: Once you’re ready, we proceed with the root canal:
      • We numb the treatment area using local anesthesia via THE WAND and cdd asn  offer sedation dentistry as well .
      • The infected pulp is carefully removed from the tooth, and the area is cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection.
      • If necessary, we may recommend a dental crown to strengthen and protect the tooth.

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